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Fernando Alonso
'Proud Champion'

42cm x 29cm
   25.00 inc.pp

Fernando has been through a bit of a torrid time the last couple of years. His dream move to McLaren rapidly became something of a nightmare but even in this situation he showed us that he was one tough cookie as he battled Hamilton, and in his opinion the team(!), right to the final round. This year, returned to what we think is his spiritual home of Renault, Fernando has again continued to show us how a champion behaves on track - wringing the neck of his R28 in every session - even when scrapping out of the points. In Spa Alonso received some reward for his season long efforts when he judged to perfection the changing conditions and made the inspired decision to swap tyres for a barnstorming last lap where he made up four places! This print celebrates that lap as he charges round a damp track blitzing past his startled opponents! If you want to see that dramatic last lap in-car click here - it's like a crazy racing game when you have the difficulty on the wrong setting!!!!

Driver Fernando Alonso 
Car 2008 Renault  - R28
Print Type Fine Art Quality 300sgm Paper