Limited Edition                        F1 Prints                        Formula1  2008

Galleries Artist Information

  Andrew has been fascinated by motor racing since his early childhood and has also since this time displayed an impressive natural talent for painting and drawing. He was introduced to motor racing by his father but soon found himself the keenest member of the family as he rapidly expanded his knowledge enthralled by the history and drama of the sport. 

 " For me a racing car being driven on the very limit is an incredible thing. Everything balanced - the violence of destruction held only at bay by the drivers skill and reactions."

  His work reflects his passion and he presents his subjects against intensely coloured backgrounds to heighten the emotion of the piece. He uses placement, scale and angle to create a tension in the image that endeavours to communicate the forces and velocity of the 'dynamic instant' that he seeks us to experience through his painting.

" I work to realise the world of intensity, passion and motion within myself through my painting." 

Andrew is a keen amateur karter, and has studied Fine Art and Industral Design at Degree Level. He has since however returned to his first love and is now a succesful artist who exhibits in England and Spain.